The 23rd Iejima Lily Festival

Pub. Date January 22, 2017

The Japan's earliest lily festival that is held in Lily Field Park in the North Coast of Ie island.                               

Pure white Easter lily spreading through very large site and world lily 100 kind are in full glory and invite customer that there is much beautiful scenery of the blue sky and sea.

Period: From Sunday, April 22, 2018 to Sunday, May 6, 2018

Venue: Lily Field Park

Lily Festival poster Event

Downloading of poster enshrines 23 times of lilies from this; poster [PDF: 12MB]        Downloading of event schedule enshrines lily from this; event [PDF: 2MB]


Eating and drinking tenant and product sales tenant open a store during festival period and can enjoy meal only by Ie island.
In addition, various events are held on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and enliven festival.

Iejima Lily Festival official blog is this

Parking lot of Motobu Port is crowded very much during festival period. Come with margin at time.

When koso does vehicle, reservation is necessary beforehand. In addition, we may not get on ferry of time when it is hoped when we reach ferry embarkation capacity. Thank you for your understanding.
Iejima Lily Festival executive committee    0980-49-2906

Ie village government enterprise section (ferry relations) 0980-49-2255


Commercial and industrial Tourism Division
Address: Ie village character Kawahira 519-3
Telephone: 0980-49-2906
Facsimile: 0980-49-5587

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